How to bet wisely

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How to bet WiselyI know I’m a bit late, but let me present, with all my love, the article I promised before.
Are you sick and tired of losing all the time? Don’t you know any cool
strategies? Do you think there’s no way to win big time money on online
betting? Well, I did, so why couldn’t you?!

This guide is not carved in stone, I might not even be able to tell you anything new, but let me just try!
Success has more components. First of, I have to tell that you’ll need
the courage of a lion to do this, and gambling still remains gambling at
the end of the day.
And of course, I take absolutely no responsibility for the techniques written below, but let’s just see, how it looks anyways!

The most important rule! Forget the paper-based mixing!

Online betting is improving day-by-day,
you won’t have any issues with betting on the internet — contrarily,
it’s far easier and more comfortable!
Betting online is important for me, because I won 99% of my money on
online bets, which I unfortunately can’t always post on the page,
because swiftness is a major point here.
This is why I write this article now, so you can also learn the basics and do the trick yourself!

Another important factor: don’t be afraid of the odds!

I was mocked by others time to time,
like everyone goes for 1.20 odds, and why am I such a chicken about it,
but mixing doesn’t work this way.
I never took these words personally, because the fact, that these 1.20
(or sometimes even 1.08) odds bring me daily 3-400 EUR profit, was more
than enough for me.
According to many, sports betting isn’t about tiny odds, but huge
stakes, and they say it’s not knowledge. The real deal is putting 1-5
dollars on 500 odds, which might strike in once in a couple months, and
when they finally win, they feel like “OMG, what a money I just made,
now that’s the real thing!”
If you read this article so far, you might think “Yeah, sure, small odds
may be safer, but one needs a minor fortune to actually make some money
on them…”
I am positive that it’s not like that either. I started with 110 EUR for
the first time, but the next time I only joined with 10-15 EUR. Fact
is, that all starts are hard, beginning with it will be the hardest
part, but later, when you can put up 10-15 times that money on one bet,
you won’t find it complicated anymore. Well, you won’t even be worried
about your money sometimes.
Some have 1$ for betting, but 10 EUR isn’t so much more either, anyone can spare so much for themselves.
So much for the raw facts, let’s just see now, how I made this awful lot of money!
And just for the record, I say it again: You will read NOTHING NEW here! 🙂

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I used several strategies, but I’ll try to share the most effective ones with you now.

Thinking man wiselyIt’s important to pin down right at the
beginning that I do NEVER bet on football games. Not at the beginning of
the match and not even later on (with live betting).
As I mentioned before, the best way is live betting, but you’ll all need some time to get used to it!

Let’s check on the first scheme:

1) My favourite method which works the most effectively for me:

The odds aren’t walking on the clouds,
but this is a somewhat safe technique. They play several tennis games on
Bet daily, which can bring a quite decent profit.
The main point is always to look for the favourites, and try to bet on them.
you are familiar with tennis players, it can make it all much easier
for you, but in an off-season, like this, you may coolly bet on totally
no-name players as well, you can win with them too! (I don’t know any of
them either…)
So, you pick a match where one of the players is much better than the other.
don’t need to rush into betting immediately, first you may just check
on the game, watching how it would turn out. Betting comes to picture,
when you can already see that your guy really plays much better or even
has a chance for breaking.
It also happened that I payed my trust to
the player after a couple breakpoints, but it’s for the best to wait
until the break actually happens.
After this, the odds for your guy
to win the set will significantly decrease, but it doesn’t matter, we
still can get some 1.10 for that. If you actually know that the player
actually is better and there was a small odds on his victory before the
match, you can safely put on him to win the set.
I usually play this,
and I don’t even have to be worried, because he either keeps up until
the set ends or just breaks a couple more times and that’s it.
appoint your own stakes of course. I usually put 300-500 EUR on those
ones. If you are brave enough, you can already bet on your favourite
after 2-3 breakpoints, like if he can manage 2-3 breakpoints at the
opponent’s serve (15-40 0-40), you can still put on him and the odds
will also remain a bit higher then.
If, heaven forbid, your guy
fails, and the opponent breaks back, make no worries: the set can still
be won, because he’s the favourite!

2) Sticking at tennis, the next thing I like to bet on is the winner of the next match:

Usually, the betting agencies give much
higher odds for these, you can even get 1.40 odds for your player. Of
course, this is somewhat riskier, because the opponent can break any
time too, but if your guy is building on serves in general, but he can
also play the service with confidence, then feel free to put your bets
on him.
Besides this, you can always check on how many breakpoints
did the opponent score against your player during the whole game. This
is why live betting is important, because we can follow the game and
read statistics at the same time.
I usually use this option in the
middle of the first, or during the second set. If the opponent couldn’t
manage any breakpoints during the first set (BREAKPOINTS, not breaks),
that usually means that he’s not a quite good returner and your guy is
easily beating him.
This is a bit riskier type of betting; although, I won a lot on that too, but there were some big fails time to time.

3) Tennis again, another online betting strategy:

I prefer to use this one at some no-name
player, because there are lots of breaks there, and there are dozens of
quick games, played in no time.
Is’t far riskier with good players, though it’s still a profitable method with them, too.
The point is that you bet under 12.5 matches. There are 13 matches only, when the whole game goes into a tiebreaker.
It’s not usual even for the best players of the world, but for nameless ones, you don’t hardly ever see that.
The odds aren’t beating the heavens, I usually get 1.10-1.15 for them.

4) My last tip for tennis games, combining the first three techniques:

Usually this one brings a nice fat
profit too. If your favourite wins the first set with 6-0, 6-1 or
something like that, then what’s the chance that he’ll suffer in the
second one? Well, not much at all.
Of course, like everything, this
method has its ups and downs as well, but everyone knows, if someone’s a
favourite and win the first set with such ease, then he’ll probably win
the second one as well, even if with some difficulties.
I usually
bet it after a couple breaks in the first set, that my guy will win the
match for 2-0. The odds are a bit higher then, but it’s also fine to bet
on the winner of the second set, it’ll pay you quite well too. Of
course, it also matters, how favoured is our player. I’ve seen some 1.40
odds, but also some 1.09 (which isn’t a shame either, I bet on those
many times too).

Now that’s enough of tennis, you cannot really squeeze more out of a game.




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My other specialty, which also brought much money on the table, is basketball games.

NBA Basketball stadiumI go for no-name matches on purpose here, because this strategy can’t be used on EUROLEAGUE games, and even less on NBA ones.

1) The most important thing is REALLY not to bet on NBA or other “quality” games — let’s find the minor, nameless teams (Just because YOU don’t know their name, it doesn’t mean that they really are nameless!).
The best for this kind of betting are Arabian, African, Korean teams and others like them, but for the best is betting on some U23, U20-rank game. It can even be a women’s team.
I’ve won with this method a thousand times, and I can only remember one failure. The odds are damn great here, you can win fortunes with that, but sure, you have to do this the clever way.
The secret is, that bookmaker calculates the odds for these games pretty poorly, because the teams are less known, and they can’t pay attention to everything either.
They don’t even care really, because there are only a few clever gamblers and the stupid ones bring back their “loss” ten times anyways. The main point here is not to bet before the game starts, because even I don’t know these teams, although it’s good to check on them in advance to see, how the odds look like for these teams.
These bets are the best to be put around the end of the second quarter, when you can already have a basic concept about the whole game. The tactics are quite simple, I wouldn’t even call them tactics.
So, let’s say, the host team (1.10 odds before the game started) wins the first quarter with 15 points and you can also see that they are playing much better. In the second quarter, they dominate again, and they also win with another 10 points.
At this point, they can give quite high odds on the host team to win the second half. I guess it’s a miscalculation at Bet’s, but it’s pretty understandable — who’d care for a South-American championship’s U21-ranked game?!
The point still is, that sometimes I bet on a game like that for 1.70 odds. Needless to say, I was quite a happy camper about it. When the huge-time favourite, at home, beats its opponent for 25 points in the first half, being the attackers for most of the time, then it’s highly probable that they will keep up during the second half too!
The winner of the second half is a safer thing to bet on, because if, god forbid, the third quarter goes to the guest team and they win with 2 points, the host team still has the last quarter to catch up and win this one again!
This is my all-time favourite strategy, I would only bet like this all the time, but it’s a quite time-consuming method, so I only use it a few times.
Usually these games are played late at night, you have to be very aware and sitting almost the whole day in front of your computer to catch one match like this.

2) For the other basketball-scheme, we are also looking for favourites, I could write down almost the same as before:
If someone is a big-time favourite before a game, let’s say, they give a -25 point handicap for them, and we can also see that they dominate on the game, the situation is the same as I sketched it in the part above. They are attacking far more, possessing the ball almost all the time and striking forth, then let’s play handicap and it might turn out quite well.
Bet365 miscalculates the odds and especially the handicaps here brutally as well. The host team beats the goo out of the guests in the first quarter, wins the second with ease too, but the handicaps still barely move.
They might always offer 6-7 points handicaps (like they have 30 points over the opponent after the first half, so Bet gives a 37 points handicap).
If someone beats the opponent with 30 points in two quarters, then they’ll surely make another 8 points advantage during the next 2 quarters.
Needless to say, how awesome odds there are for these games!

That’s all, folks! These are my tactics, which — as you can see — brought me huge profits. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go all-in at the beginning to make a solid capital, but that only depends on you!
It’s an unbelievable feeling, when you are cool to put on a bet like 400-500 EUR without a flinch. But of course, we all have different goals…
I told many people about these things and of course, there are a lot of skeptics, who think I’m an idiot for doing what I do. They say they’d have jumped out after 500 EUR or so, but you know, that’s also a way to play… 🙂
Everyone have different purposes with their money, their lives, and also, fun itself varies from person to person. I used to chew my nails down during some games, I’ve lost many times, but I can’t even say how much this brought into my life!
There were some major failures, sometimes my tactics failed me, everything seemed to be lost, but however you look at it, if you are in winning at the end of the day, that already worth it! And of course, I AM in winning. 🙂

Long story short, do have the guts to take take a grip on things, YOU are the only one who can change your life! But you always have to keep sports betting as a game, and as a game ONLY! Of course, it’s a fun game to play and you can make good money on it. I have to tell you, I started out of nothing and that’s why losing it all wouldn’t break me down. I’d just return to the nothing I started it from.

Of course, it’s not gonna happen, because I withdrew my money, and starting it over from January on, but I won’t put a fortune back on my account, I’ll start from 1-200 EUR to make you see again, that it is indeed doable.

If you have any further questions about our topics, feel free to ask, I’ll answer every question!

– Dave –

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