Credit Card/Debit Card

If you own a credit or debit card, you can see the type of your card in one corner. These cards can be used to make payment on any site, usually they are also listed as accepted payment methods. This is a very easy and popular way to make a payment; it’s fast, easy and above all, a safe way to pay online. After clicking “Make a Payment”, in a couple minutes, te required amount already appears on your balance. For this method, you need your 16 digit card number, and the 3 digit CVN number (Card Verification Number) from the backside of the card. Contrarily to the common misbelief, the sites won’t wihdraw more money from your account than the amount you requested. Even weeks or monts later you won’t need to face bothersome suprises, like an SMS or a statement from your bank, claiming that the service provide you with fun, not to rob your bank account without your permission. Of course, if you choose to pay with your credit or debit card on the internet, it is essential to read the terms & conditions on the page you’re paying at and make some online research on the provider to make sure they are a reliable sources.
We assure you, that on this site we only work with 100% reliable bookies and casinos, and only those ones, which are the most popular and provide you with the greatest bonuses.

If you don’t own a credit or debit card yet, you can easily apply for one at your account holding bank, or by openin a new account at any bank you find most suitable for your needs.

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