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Why You Should Consider Using Sports Betting Strategies

If you have adapted sports betting as a long term business, then you will find more success in this industry when you work with a betting strategy.

Use of a betting strategy means taking time to learn the betting strategies that dominate the industry and selecting the one that you find most suitable.

Remember, just like in other gambling areas, sports’ betting is a highly unpredictable market, and the safest way out is by basing your betting strategies on value betting. By this, I mean working with games whose odds are likely to be the outcome.

Steps Towards Developing A Betting Strategy

Thinking of a betting strategy is one thing, and implementing the actual thing is a whole different concept.

So, how do you go about working with a sports betting strategy?

Do Your Research

Take your time to study and understand the existing betting strategies. Many free online tutorials offer very good lessons on betting strategies.

Research should be the number one step towards developing a sports betting strategy.

Observe the Market

The next step should be to observe the type of betting market that you want to engage in. This is a good starting point an especially now that you are aiming at using a betting strategy.

For example, VAR in soccer/ football is known to be one of the many reasons for an upsurge of penalties in football.

This is also the stage where you will learn of any new or emerging trends. However, before you jump into a trend, always countercheck to ensure that it’s backed up by data and facts where applicable.

Look Out For Contributing Factors

By these, I mean outside influences that may influence the results. A good example of such is a smaller stadium which may force the teams to concede corners. A stadium with a bad pitch may not favour an attacking brand of football in a match.

Test and Tweak

Once you have settled on your preferred strategy, it’s time to test the waters. Start with very small stakes, and keenly obverse how they are faring.  

As the results come in, examine and see what works, and what doesn’t, or what needs to be added.

Below is a look of some of the most common sports betting strategies that you can choose from:

Single Betting System

This is the most common type of betting that consists of only one choice of outcome for the gaming event. For the bet to be considered a win, you must have selected the correct tip.

Combo/Accumulator (acca)

The combo is like a combination of several tips but on just one stake. For this bet, all selections must win for you to take away the price.

There are different types of combos and these include 2x (Double), 3x (Treble), 4x (Fourfolds), 5x (Fivefold’s), 6x (Sixfold’s), 7x (Sevenfold’s), 8x (Eightfold’s) combo and so forth.


A Trixie bet involves up to four stakes, and for these, you select up to 3 different events.

This type of bet selection consists of three double combos plus one treble combo. At least two of the events must be successful for these tips to be considered a win.


Patent bet is a word used to refer to a bet that consists of up to 7 stakes on 3 different gaming events. Such a bet contains 3 single, 3 double combos as well as a treble combo selection. With this type of bet, just one successful gaming event is enough to result in a win.


Yankee bets mean staking up to11 games from 4 different events. This type of bet consists of 6 double combos, 4 treble combos plus one 4x combo selections.

To be a successful bet, at least two of the events must result in a win.

Lucky 15

Just like its name suggests, Lucky 15 bets consist of up to15 selections stacked on 4 different events.

This bet has 4 single bets, 6 double combos, 4 treble combos plus 1 4x combo bets. This type of bet is common in gaming events like dog and horse races. In football, it’s mainly applied for first goal-shooter or final score options.

Canadian (Super Yankee)

Super Yankee means a selection of up to 26 stakes on 5 different gaming events. This type of bet is loaded with 10 double, 10 trebles, 5 4x and 1 5x combo selections.

At least two of the selected events must be successful for it to be considered a winning bet.

Lucky 31

Lucky 31 betting means putting up 31 stakes on 5 different events. The bet itself contains 10 double, 10 trebles, 5 4x and 1 5x combo bets. Lucky 31 applies mostly to horse and dog races, and in soccer, for the final score and first goal-shooter options.


For Heinz, you will require up to 57 stakes which must be from 6 different events. This type of bet consists of 15 double, 20 treble, 15 4x, 6 5x and 1 6x combo selections.

At least 2 of the events must be successful for the tip to be considered a winning bet.

Super Heinz

Super Heinz requires much more than the ordinary Heinz and it will need up to 120 stakes which must be on 7 different events.

This type of bet has 21 double, 35 trebles, 35 4x, 21 5x, 7 6x and one 7x combo bets.

At least two of the gaming events must be successful for it to be considered a winning bet.


Goliath is the real king, bearing up to 247 bets from 8 different gaming events, The bet itself contains 28 double, 56 trebles, 56 3x, 70 4x, 56 5x, 28 6x, 8 7x and one 8x combo selections.

At least two of the selected gaming events must be successful for it to be considered a winning bet.


Whether you are a novice punter or an already established professional bettor, working with a betting strategy is a huge step towards a successful sports betting career. Also it is important to choose a safe and reliable online bookmaker.

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