Why Skrill is the Most Preferred E-wallet On Online Casinos

Skrill is another fast-growing e-wallet that has a customer base of over two million users. Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has undergone a major shake-up to become one of the leading e-wallet methods in the world.

Here Are The Benefits Of Using Skrill:


One of the most beneficial features of Skrill is the super speed when it comes to money transactions. Actually, the speed at which Skrill processes funds cannot be compared to any bank transfer.


Second, a Skrill account can be accessed from any part of the world meaning that, if your betting account is running low on funds, you can always hop onto your Skrill account and make a quick transaction.

Widely Accepted  

Another advantage of using Skrill to fund your online casino account is the fact that it’s a method that is widely accepted by casinos and sportsbook, and so there is little trouble with its use.

Safety and Fairness

With e-wallets, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes, and some of them will go to the extent of freezing an account on the slightest suspicions with no prior notice to the owner.

However, with Skrill, that is rarely the case, and if it’s your preferred method for transacting on an online casino, then you can rest easy knowing that all your funds are in safe hands.

The company is very transparent, and their customer support is always available to discuss any shortcomings prior to taking any action.

Also, Skrill uses the 128-bit SSL encryption protocols to secure your funds. This system is highly secure, and it is one of the reasons why this e-wallet allows customers to make large payments without any hitches.

Cryptocurrency Is Allowed

To keep up with the changing landscape, Skrill allows the use of bitcoin. The best part is that the e-wallet facilitates the automatic exchanged of bitcoin into the currency format that the user registered in.

Easily Accessible Via App

With the Skrill mobile wallet, online gamblers can transact their business on the go with just a touch of the button.

This e-wallet offers a very efficient app that will make your gambling days a lot easier. Some of the work that this app can do is uploading and sending money globally and checking the balance.

With this app, you can be able to easily navigate most gambling sites that use Skrill.

Support of Multiple Currencies

Skrill supports over 40 currencies, and it’s one of the most gamble-friendly e-wallets of all time

Friendly Terms and Conditions

This e-wallet offers some of the best policies and terms of service to both online casinos and sportsbooks.

Skrill’s business model is designed in a way that is beneficial to not only the company but to the user as well. This makes it quite easy for online gamers to use it for online transactions.


Although e-wallets serve a wide market that includes stock markets and online clothing shops, most of its customers are concentrated around online casinos and sportsbooks.

The transparency, speed and convenience that the e-wallets provide the exact things that many online users want.

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