Monopoly Live – Scam or Not? Video Analysis

Purpose of video

This video has been created in order to clarify a subject I have read about a lot from other players, namely, that Monopoly Live casino game is rigged. Until I didn’t do my own research, honestly, I was on the same side, however, when you consider that all these casino games and any online casino in general, has to go through a series of licensing and verification processes, the theory of „rigged” becomes a complete bullshit.

Excerpt from the video:

Let’s begin with the simple math. The wheel has 54 segments, from these, 22 segments pays 1x stake, 15 pays 2x, 7 pays 5x, 4 pays 10x, there are 2 Chances and 3 pieces with 2 rolls and 1 piece with 4 rolls. Most players, expect or bet the high paying outcomes, which actually has the lowest chances to happen. The dealer or let’s call him the „showman” reads the chat, answers the viewers questions and spins the wheel. In my opinion, as the dealer has to focus on multiple things at the same time and usually these dealers are randomly selected employees for close to minimum wage, I would hardly believe that they can control how fast to spin the wheel or when to let it go.

The reason why for us players, the wheel seems to spin slower in given parts is, that the segments with higher pay-out have the strongest, most visible colours on the wheel thus our eyes are automatically focusing more on those segments. Try that yourself, focus on a segment with 1x pay-out, you will have the same sensation just like when you will focus on the 2 Rolls segment.

Those who say that the wheel is controlled by magnets or from behind the wheel- are surrealistic opinions. Evolution Gaming is the biggest Live Casino provider who is fully controlled and constantly verified by many European and non-European authorities. They stand to various legislations and control systems, which guarantee that their games have fully random outcomes…

Learn more about how the Monopoly Live casino game works in the video below:

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